SM, Morecambe, UK

For many years I have suffered from real emotional problems when dealing with figures in authority and I found it very difficult to communicate to these people exactly how I was feeling - it was a real lack of self-worth. Consequently, I would go out of my way not to face up to these fears and it did cause some problems in my life. I found it difficult to face my medical doctor, my bank manager, even my boss at work.

After several breathwork sessions (including tapping) I began to slowly overcome my irrational fears. I still have the fear but I only have to start my tapping routine to feel my mind settle and I find that I am able to deal with my problems. I recently had to see a Hospital Consultant about a medical problem and with the help of the tapping before I went into the consulting room I was able to talk to the doctor and express myself verbally. Before I learnt the technique I would have been unable to question anything that was said to me.

Geoffrey is a great teacher, he is a genuine guy who wants to help. The Breathwork Sessions helped me focus on dealing with today's problems allowing me to release my inner anxieties without medication. This has got to be for the good.