Michael Christian Jacobsen - The Inner Child Re-Union

It is quite amazing how Geoffrey's breathing exercise has opened a gate to stored memories, they come in streams from early childhood onwards. I'm feeling this enables me to connect, see and heal myself, like never before!

These seem like streams, which are natural, able of freeing themselves, some joyful, some heavy and traumatic events, some was part of present memories, some seem like forgotten or well hidden away deeper not so easily accessible, others related to painful events, though at present they become part of my recollections with no pain experienced.

Again what arises are all memories, and I see them as so, feeling absolutely no need to attach emotion or even try to hold on to them. Though I do treasure the ability to remember and know my past like never before.

My days seems a little richer and between me and my childhood friend, there is a lifetime to share and rediscover. So I'm aware this is an important and empowering start of a long time friendship with many discoveries in wait.

 Michael Christian Jacobsen - The Inner Child Re-Union 2018