Tanja Martinez, København

breathwork therapy session client


I am eternally grateful for the space you hold for me when you breathe me during your breathwork therapy sessions - whether in groups in Tinkuy or individually in Hellerup.

Throughout the past 15 years, I have done a lot of therapy and processes for body, mind, heart, and spirit. You name it - I tried it. Yet nothing compares to breathing with you Geoffrey.

Breathwork for me is a shortcut around mind and directly into the body, heart, and spirit. Every time you breathe me is different and have a different outcome and my mind has stopped expecting anything.

Breathwork for me is not about re-programming, but de-programming and out of that empty space the new me can unfold.

You create such a safe and powerful space that allows me to let go so you can do your work.

Thank you from my heart and spirit <3
Tanja Martinez