Kirsten, København Breathwork Sessions

Kirsten, København Breathwork Sessions
I just thought I would send you a few lines to say thank you  since you have had to see so many of my tears, I thought it only right to let you know that I am actually enjoying life these days. And every time I acknowledge this positive, hopeful and grateful state I'm in, your name and the breathwork sessions comes to mind. I so appreciate everything you did and said to help me come to this place. 
And it's not even that anything specific has happened. Life holds pretty much what it always does. But I am seeing the synchronicities, giving thanks for the lovely moments that arise and relaxing into a sense of hope/faith that more good is to come. 'The voice' of scepticism and isolation is much more easily dismissed these days - its power over me is just so much smaller right now.
So, thank you so much for being there and doing what you do. You're the best