Awakening To Your Magnificence with Breathwork

Are you ready?

Ready to truly be open to who you are, who you is?

This one-day eclectic breathwork based event will help you to awaken to these aspects of yourself.

It is an intuitive process.

We work together. Diving into the grace of our true self, surfacing, sharing and breathing together.

Working with an intuitive process you will be able to discover more deeply than ever before who you are and where you have come from.

Do you have the courage and the staying power? 

Are you Ready?
You will need to bring;
  • paper and a writing tool,
  • your good self,
  • your great heart.
  • Your willingness to be open to yourself,
  • your power,
  • your grace,
  • your beauty.
This eclectic breathwork based workshop includes the natural, organic goodness of THREE breathwork sessions!