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What Selma said about her AFGO journey

Arising from the ashes of  our suffering we re-member who we truly are

This is what Selma said about her AFGO journey...

"It’s one of these days. I feel surrounded by an ocean of emptiness. I feel powerless, lost, stuck and trapped.

Last year I would have tried to meet up with friends to have an excuse to drink, I would have pushed away the pain with alcohol, smoking and fucking. I would have eaten a pizza plus crisps. I would have spent a few hours crying, telling myself the stories of my sadness and drowning in them.

This time instead I went to yoga and saunagus, allowed the tears, told my truth when asked how I was feeling, reached for the support I need from the people I chose and treated myself with loving healthy food. It took me about three hours to shift from 'my life is sh*t, I'm so useless, I want to hide from the world, poor me' to 'I'm feeling this huge sadness, it's okay, I'm feeling powerless and I am and it's okay, I'm feeling trapped and it's not a new feeling. Let's try to surrender to the feelings and quiet the mind. Feeling is healing.'

I'm still feeling this huge sadness, but it's not scary anymore, this huge pain now feels friendly and loving. The whole world becomes so beautiful and my heart dances with the pain. Here there's is no good or bad, there is only love. I’m in this magic place: where pain and joy merge.

One year ago I started a 9 months intensive breathwork journey. It’s where I learned how to let go of my patterns, how to do it with love, how to come closer to my heart, how to surrender, how to heal through authenticity and how to turn pain into joy.

I still have my rocky moments – like this one - but instead of lasting for days or weeks they usually only last for minutes or hours. The pain became so much easier to accept and embrace. Because every time I know it will unbind into healing, into joy, into a gift of self-love.

This is my way of telling you – not only that I’m happier than I ever thought possible – but also that if you are looking for a change, if you can feel that life has many more colours and flavours waiting for you, if you are craving to shine all of your light, then this breathwork intensive is also for you.

Thank you, dear Geoffrey, crossing your path has changed mine for the best"

Shared by Selma one of my previous students.

I feel so humbled. Thank you 🙏❤

There are still some places available for this year's journey 2019-2020.

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