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What Max said about his AFGO journey


This is what Max said about his 2018-2019 AFGO journey with Geoffrey...

"Huge support for Geoffrey and his breathwork facilitator training for coming November 2019.

In the last 9 months (2018-2019) I took this trip together with 4 others and went through a crazy mixture of laughter, crying, screaming, being and flying...

Breathwork is a form of therapy in which you find yourself in an altered state of consciousness, during the transformed breath and Geoffrey facilitation you will experience yourself your body, emotions and all the rest in a new more intense way.

The journey will be taken as a group with deep sharings, meditation, family constellation, chakra work, trigger techniques and other funky surprises.

I'd say its for everyone ready to travel through internal landscapes of consciousness to remember what this weird miracle of being human is about and looking for a deep connective group experience.

So next to all this deep stuff I just wanna add Geoffrey is super hilarious, big-hearted and became not only a great teacher but a real friend.

He has got 30 years of experience in breathwork, received teachings from shamans in papa new guinea, experience in thai chi, the emotional freedom technique, laughter Yoga and a follower of Thich Nhat Hanh meditation teachings for 45 years.

So if you are ready you're ready, take a jump and see where you land or if you land 😄"

Max (Former Student, Human Being, Man, Lover of his life and Friend)

Are you ready to make the Jump?

There are still some places available for this year's journey 2019-2020.

One of them can be for you if you want to bring deep, healing loving change into your life.
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