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This time for me...

This time for me...

It is nearly a year since I came to Denmark, and what a year it has been!

I have lost over 35kgs in weight, but more importantly, with thanks to my amazing teachers, friends and clients, I have discovered so much about myself. It has, still is, a real roller coaster of a jouney.

Losing the weight, has been the easiest part of the journey. I'm using a homeopathic gonadatropin preparation, taken orally, Kyanii supplements, EFT tapping and support from my friend Lars. Part of the weight loss has come from just the move to Denmark and letting go of old limiting beliefs and issues. The main loss has come from the diet that I have been on. If you are interested in finding out more about the diet just contact me.

 On top of that it has been a year where i have been constantly challenged to give the best of me and in this I have had amazing support from some exceptional therapists and friends and the Men's group. I am in deep gratitude when I look at you because I know without you I really would not like to think where I would be now.

My biggest challenge has been dealing with my issues around feeling not good enough and how this spins of into the ways I sabotage myself and create situations that cause me to suffer and not understand my worth. One of the most recent episodes! has been around my abundance in my work. I have recieved great support from Lars, Gudrun and Bodil. Lars, as always, mr kickass, mr magic, there at the point at the edge when it gets really bad when I'm ready to slip and tumble. Gudrun, ms manifestation, amazing woman truly walks her talk, she has hellped me to start turning around this issue in my work with grace and ease. Last but not least, Bodil, healing hands and a healing power that is hard to envisage. Thank you all.

so for now it is onward and upwards and ready for the next challenge.

I am loving it and loving the me I am finding.

A new year, a new website, a new understanding
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