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Starting a breathwork practice, what you need to know.


Find a breathwork facilitator or practice on your own:

If you do not have a history of severe psychiatric illness or seizures, you can begin developing a breathwork practice on your own. Applications like Huma Breath are available to help with breathwork practice. Research has shown that using online breathwork programs, whilst not replacing, can replicate the benefits of in-person programs.

Experiment and figure out the best duration for you:

How often and for how long you attend breathwork sessions is dependent on the what you want to achieve from the type of breathwork you are using. Typically, classes or an individual session with a practitioner can run anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 or more hours. Many practitioners will encourage you to begin a daily breathwork or meditation practice in addition to attending breathwork sessions.

Educate yourself about the different styles of breathwork therapy:

The training and/or certifications that your breathwork facilitator holds depends on the type of breathwork they practice and the school they studied at. There are many independent organizations that lead breathwork facilitator training and provide certifications to individuals who either take their courses or meet their qualifications. Before having a session with a breathwork therapist, please ask your practitioner for his/her qualifications and research the organization where they received them.

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