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Spring Cleaning...

As Above So Below Well Spring is finally arriving, even if the cold wants to persit in holding us in the memory of the past Winter.

There is so much going on at the moment. Two, yes two eclipses this month, a Lunar eclipse on the 15th and a solar eclipse on the 29th, plus Grand Crosses and Kites and allsorts of other shenanigans going on up there!

There is much more about the two eclipses and the significance of them on my friend Marcus Mason's astrology blog which you can read about here: April Solar Eclipse - https://bit.ly/QwOueO

Website news

Spring is usually associated with clearing out the dust and clutter that has accumulated during the Winter period.

My website is no different. I have made one or two changes to the menu structure and I installed a multi-vendor webshop.

The web shop is quite an exciting new adventure and it is open to anyone who has a digital product for sale that I can endorse.

So if you have a digital product for sale, this could mean you, then please get in touch with me via phone/text +45 53 63 98 88 or email.

The Eclipses

This is such a powerful and transformational period to be living through. It is so exciting and amazing to see how we will grow into the changes we are being asked to make.

This is an ideal time to undertake a series of breathwork sessions as you will be able to work with this transformational energy to help you make the changes easily.

If you want to benefit from this "extra" help then I would like to offer you a 3-breath series for the price of 3000 kr, that is a 30% reduction of the normal price!

Maybe 3 individual breathwork sessions dosen't work for you, then perhaps a one day 3-breath intensive might. I am offering a one day 3-breath intensinve on 26 April starting at 10:30 am in Hellerup. This is an intensive, transformational workshop where we will work with the eclipse energies to assist in moving into the changes you want to make.

The cost of the 3-breath intensive is 800 kr employed and 620 kr students/unemployed. You can read the full details and register here: Opening Up To Change - https://bit.ly/QwNOpK

Kong Asgers HojFor the Solar eclipse on 29 April I will facilitate a workshop at the Moen Retreat Center in Askeby. We will start at 8pm with a check in ceremony and short meditation. The following morning we will work with both Female and Male energies at two sacred sites quite close to the center and the eclipse energy. We will then return to the center for a short closing ceremony and breakfast.

The price of this workshop, including shared accomadation and breakfast is 890kr employed and 620kr students/unemployed. You can read the full details and register here: Solar Annular Eclipse Meditation & Earth Energy Work - https://bit.ly/1fRiyYA

I wish you a very happy, joyous and transformational Easter.


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