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Slowing down - me time


I think we are all surprised that once we slow down a little, how easy it is to connect to ourselves, and, in doing so, we find a different space from which we can live from.

It shows us that the pain we might be in, whether it be physical, emotional or mental....whatever it is, could it all be a result of not been connected to Self?

Yes, connection takes slowing down. And it’s pretty simple and super enjoyable once you get over the initial couple of days...

Gathering with each other makes you slow down. You have to slow down to listen, to be present for the others, to be present for yourself, to give of yourself.

So do something for YOU that slows you down.

Like -

a daily meditation/breathing practice

Taking a bath

A class

A walk

A cup of tea (without being on the move!)

Those who have taken part in my Thursday evening online breathwork session have actually surprised that it can be that easy.

And suddenly you feel better, you have more patience and you begin to prioritize time to just BE and take care of yourself. You are more able to move with a better sense of being rather than the stress of doing

Living In this new techy age is a learning curve for all of us.

Taking time to use the technology to help you come back to your nature in an intentional way is a must if we are going to thrive in health and bring some mindfulness and presence to our lives.

Take the opportunity to have a relaxing breathwork session in your own space. all you need is somewhere to lie down, your phone or laptop, a cover and a pillow and a "do not disturb" sign for the door! yes, it is that easy!

What does it cost? I work with Gift Economy for these sessions so you are free to offer what you feel it is worth and what you can afford. No gift is too small or too large.

So why not join me?

I am here every Thursday evening.

Make it a regular monthly, fortnightly or weekly practice and see how your life can change for the better after you have completed 10 sessions.

Register here: https://bit.ly/BWOThur you will not regret it.

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