"Am I trying to hold onto practices, rules, routines, habits and stuff that no longer nourish me and have outlived their time?"

These are challenging times and there is much change, or at least, the potential for change in the air.

We have been gifted this wonderful opportunity of time to slow down and reflect on our current situation. We have been given time to hear the world without the noise of planes and lots of traffic We have been given the opportunity to breathe cleaner air, see clearer skies, and to reflect on our material consumption.

We have been given the opportunity to rest and to work more mindfully. Learning to collaborate and meet in different ways. An opportunity to explore what is meant by community and to understand the dynamics of communities in these challenging times. We have had to explore new ways of holding communities together, ways to bring warmth and presence to cold virtual places better designed for electrons rather than warm soft-bodied human beings.

And, we have been granted the time to reflect on what we have been carrying with us both at the individual and collective levels. It is this reflection that gives birth to the question above.

Holding On - Eckhart TolleI truly believe that we are being offered an amazing grace-filled and loving opportunity to look deeply into the answer(s) to the question. And, as always the journey begins with me. If I cannot, or, will not have the courage to release the old stuff, how can I ask you to do this?

The first step, for me, in releasing the old stuff, is simply being aware of it. In becoming aware of it I can begin to wake up and see the impact it is having on me and my life.

I can start to look at the patterns and stories I have associated with the old stuff over the years. I can ask other questions about these things, such as ;

We, the whole of humanity, are at a tipping point, where we have the opportunity to bring about a deep fundamental radical change in ourselves and, if we are courageous enough to make the changes for ourselves we will change the world around us as well.

We have to make the changes within and we can only do this with the support of each other. We are no longer alone on this journey. We need each other to help us take the next steps to let go of the old stuff that binds us to old energies that no longer serve us.

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