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Online group breathwork in combination with a live group breath! WHAT!!!


It must be crazy season. Oh, it is crazy season all that crazy hussle and bussle of preparing for the holiday season is well on the way as I write this. And in honor of this crazyness, Pernille Søgaard and I will be offering a joint online/live group breathwork on 21st December.

The live session will be held in Hellerup in Copenhagen and any of you that are locals are very welcome to come along and join in. Just make sure that you book your place here: https://bit.ly/2ANTdUg

In conjunction with the live session in Hellerup we will also be offering the opportunity to join in online. To my knowledge this is a world first hosting a breathwork session in this way. We will be using a web based video meeting app called zoom which will aloow you to participate from the comfort of your own place. You will just need to be able to lie down and point your camera at your upper body so we can see you breathing.

To book into the online session you will need to register here: https://bit.ly/2AOubnO

I am really excited to see if wecan bring these to meeting forms together and I really do hope that you will join us.

Blessings and the best of the season to you


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