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Online Breathwork with Geoffrey Smith

Alex Grey Breathing

Do you know that I am offering regular online breathwork sessions?

Well, I am!

Weekly Group Online Breathwork

Every Thursday evening at 7 pm CET (That's Danish, Copenhagen Denmark time!) there is a gift economy based group breathwork session. 

Simply follow this link and register and full details will be emailed to you. Click here https://bit.ly/BWOThur

Monthly Global Breathing Circle

On the LAST Tuesday of each month, there is the Monthly Global Breathing Circle. This is a global breath that starts in New Zealand and wraps around the planet to end in Hawaii.

In Copenhagen, I offer a live group breath as part of the Breathing Circle initiative and it is possible to join the live session online.

The session begins at 7 pm CET (see above!). The circles are usually themed and the themes vary each month.

You can register for a live place in Hellerup here: https://bit.ly/2RLBnea

Or, an online place here: https://bit.ly/BCircle.

You can join me at either of the two events above whenever you want from the comfort, safety and security of your own space. You can come alone or with a friend or two! All are welcome.

Online group breathwork at your place!

Yes, this is also possible. Contact Geoffrey to discuss your requirements further. Call/text +45 53 63 98 88, email  or  contact me on Telegram or FB messenger or let's chat online about it click here to book an online chat with me: https://bit.ly/ChatGeoffrey

Individual Online Sessions

Yes, I can facilitate individual sessions online also. Book your session here: https://bit.ly/OnlineBreath

Again, contact me to discuss your requirements further. Call/text +45 53 63 98 88, email  or  contact me on Telegram or FB messenger. You can chat online with me by booking a chat session here: https://bit.ly/ChatGeoffrey

Hope to see you soon at one of the online offerings above.

Blessings to you


Tlf +45 53 63 98 88

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh: only love can save us ...

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