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BWButtonI cannot believe that  I have done this. I cannot believe that I have left Belgium and moved to Denmark to start a really new life at the tender age of 63 years young.

Doing this has been nothing less than miraculous. It seems that, at times, I am being showered with gifts that are so full of profound, deep, tender love, that my heart has absolutely no option but to melt with gratitude, joy and thanks.

OK, it is not all 'cup cakes and roses', if it were I would not be writing this now, would I?

You have to understand that I lived in belgium from 1990 until the end of 2013. That is 23 years, a lifetime in its own right.

Some people would, and probably rightly so, call me crazy, stupid or both, not that I have not been called that before ;-)

To continue, this journey, is proving to be quite a journey. It is demanding from me an honesty  that I have always wanted to live. I am surrounded by people who are demanding that fo themselves. I have friends here who truly are helping me to become the best possible version myself. This in turn demands that I step into a place of open, honesty like I have rarely beein in before.

There is no place here for my negative judgements about me. It is almost as if the clear, sharp northern light cuts through and illuminates that which I need to work with.

People are constantly "bumping into" my tender spots and in doing so they remind me of my true self and that from this "bump" there is another reason to fall deeper into the well that is me, to let go of more of my limiting thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

My friends humble me with the synchronicity of the "bumps". Just when I thought I had understood a particular thing - bump.

Thank you to all of you for your courage to walk your truth, show your compassion and love, and for allowing me to be part of the journey.

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