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Breathwork Exercise: Chinese Breathing Exercise


A very fine, short (though not shallow) breath exercise comes from the Chinese Tai Chi Chuan. In subtle ways, this exercise uses the body in leading the mind and spirit to greater openness with each other and the environment.

Three short inhales are done through the nose without exhaling.

On the first inhale, the arms are lifted from the sides straight out in front at shoulder height.

On the second, the arms are opened out straight to the sides while still at shoulder height.

On the third, the arms are lifted straight over the head.

Then, on the exhale through the mouth, the arms are moved in an arc back down to the sides.

Usually, ten or twelve breaths are sufficient and will not cause lightheadedness. If lightheadedness should occur, simply stop the exercise.

This exercise also has the effect of really opening up people physically.

CAUTION !! Especially for older people: Never do panting or shallow breathing except while seated. Hyperventilation may occur. As long as one is seated, hyperventilation will not be a problem because, even if a brief blackout should occur, the body's automatic breathing apparatus will immediately take over.

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