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Breath Exercises: The 7-breath Series


Simple, Effective, Easy. Want to try it yourself? Breathe. Now. This instant.

Push your stomach out as you take a slow deep breath and feel the energy enter your belly and chest. Pull it up into your shoulders and head. Sigh as you let it go.

Feel better?

Do it once more.

Breathe in and up, pull to the top and release.


Go ahead, make the sound - at least in your mind.

As you continue to read, continue to breathe. Breathe slowly and deeply, expanding the belly fully. Breathe in an easy, continuous cycle without holding the breath.

Continue for 7 breaths as you read.

Pause until you finish.

Notice how relaxed your body becomes.

Now breathe in slowly once more, this time imagining that you were pulling energy through your feet to a spot just above the head where a pool of energy gathers.

As you release the breath, imagine the pool of energy above your head washing down your spine and flowing out your feet into the earth.

Relax your shoulders and allow your abdomen to go soft. Pause and become aware of any sensations along your spine and in your body.

Repeat the process, imagining each breath collecting any tension as it moves through your body and out the top of your head to be purified by the sun.

As you relax, the pool of bright energy washes back down your spine and through your body re-energizing and relaxing you.

Enjoy the gentle relaxation and when you are ready, take another breath.

At work this quick 7 breath break is less that a minute in length and amazingly powerful in putting us "back on line" when we have become fatigued or have gone on overwhelm.

In the car, it helps us to shift focus to what is going on inside as it calms and quiets the mind/body.

Whether we are out or at home we can all benefit from taking a breather.

We can all do this simple exercise several times each day. When we breathe rhythmically and deeply, fully and easily, we issue an inner command for the brain to slow its activity. Patterns of stress held in the body automatically unlock and the body relaxes. The brain slows to the rate at which intuition operates and the mind/body becomes peaceful.

By breathing consciously we produce the brain wave state through which our awareness is heightened, our creativity enhanced and our inspiration available.

Breathing consciously enables us to be fully in the present moment. When we are present, we sense/feel through our bodies our reaction to what is going on around us. This places us in touch with or "in tune" with our environment and our relationships. Then our intuition can better guide us and we feel more balanced in our world.

When we stop breathing our bodies tense, our feelings shut down and mental activity increases. When this happens, unknowingly, most of our energy is drawn out of the body into the head. Then we're operating solely out of our old programming, the knowledge in our brain. Next we react to our world instead of being balanced and responsible within it.

Reaction causes us to feel separate and apart from the flow of life. Conscious breathing restores the mind/body balance so we can be in a state of response. It is also an easy way to stop the mind from worrying about the future and the past.

Breathing is a way of creating a feeling of unity or becoming conscious of the flow of existence. When we focus our minds in breathing for more than a few minutes, unresolved emotions often arise. As these release in expression, the body begins to feel lighter and more relaxed.
Emotional healing often occurs at deeper levels as well.

For most of us, breathing represents a safe and effectively powerful way to have more conscious connections to the energies of Higher Self.

Focused "breathing-in" of prana or life-force energy is a way that each of us can help ourselves to greater awareness.

Our consciousness is already divine, it is our awareness that most of us are working on. Take another deep breath now and relax into it, both inhale and exhale.

Any unusual sensations from this kind of breathing are from tensions unlocking and leaving the mind/body. If you continue with this exercise over time, lengthening the number of breaths you take, you'll begin unraveling stored emotions and trauma as well.

If this idea sounds or feels daunting to you, our office will be happy to give you the names of breath coaches you can work or talk with.

Properly applied, there are methods of breathing which are reported to directly address a wide variety of ailments, both medical and psychological.

This particular breath exercise goes after what may be the biggest causative factor in all disease - stress. Keep it up and please let us know of your progress.

This exercise has been taken without permission from https://www.transformbreathing.com

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