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Breath Exercise - Buddy Breathing Exercise


Share this with a close friend, maybe even a co-worker.

Friends, can use conscious circular breathing to greatly enhance their relationship.

The following practice is particularly effective for good friends. This breath should last at least 15 minutes but can go on for longer, it depends on you and your buddy!

Sit facing one another, either in chairs or cross-legged, but comfortable enough to be able to sit for a long period without changing positions.

Make eye contact, find a gentle breathing rhythm, breathing together, each easily following the other.

If there is a break in the eye contact, or if the breathing falls out of sync, or if there is a need for emotional expression, allow these things to happen, always returning easily to the breath.

Continue with this breathing for a sustained period of at least 15 minutes, in fact the longer the better.

Pay close attention to the feelings in the body, to all sensations, to all emotions, to all movements of energy.

Be especially attentive to any tensions; notice the places in the body that first begin to tense, and release and relax with every exhaled breath.

After a time, allow the slightest of contact between bodies—fingers barely touching, or toes.

Continue with the breathing and with the relaxation of all tensions.

Remain very conscious of the breath and of your ability to relax.

Go slowly.

Continue to breath as one.

If you feel yourself losing control then come apart, relax, and follow the breath for a stretch.

Remember to circulate the energy, to move it from the genitals up and to the heart, and to extend the energy as love to your buddy.

Sometimes this practice will lead to a feeling of profound joy and ftulfillment.

At all times, remember to breathe deeply and enjoy.

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