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Breath Exercise - A Cleansing Breath


This breath will help you to ground yourself as well as help generally improve the movement of chi/energy throughout the whole body. It has a gentle but deep cleansing effect if used regularly.

Breathing in through the nose.

As you inhale allow yourself to begin to feel that the air is coming in through the soles of your feet.

Breathe in and pull the air up through the feet, legs, hips, and torso until you blow it out through your open mouth.

Continue for several breaths, drawing the air in through your feet and up through your body, and then blowing it out, slowly and calmly through the open mouth.

As you continue breathing in trough the feet, imagine as the air moves up through the body you are sweeping along with it all of the stuck, old energy in your system that you no longer need.

Keep breathing up through the feet, up through your body, gathering all the no longer needed energies, and then blow them out—calmly, slowly—with the exhale through the mouth.

As you continue to breath through the feet, feel the new, fresh, vibrant and clean energy that comes into replace the old, stuck enrgy that you are breathing out of the system.

Feel this movement of air and the sweeping of energy as vividly as you can. Really feel it.

Now, imagine that as the swept-up energy hits the open air it bursts into a shower of sparks. Picture this, sense it, imagine that with every slow, calm exhale your swept-up energy bursts into a shower of bright sparks.

Continue for several minutes, observing all reactions and sensations, and then follow with a few minutes of slow circular breathing.

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