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".. and give us this day our daily bread...."


We have or I think it is now a had a large residential refugee centre here in Kalundborg.

Lots of amazing people with heart-rending stories. Many wonderful volunteers helping and supporting.

Wanting to help we approached a local supermarket with an excess food problem and proposed that they gave the 'OK' stuff to the refugee centre. Surprisingly, they agreed. Wow, I thought, there is compassion in the world, it is not all about the $$$ bottom line.

All that was needed were two car trailers that could be rotated between the refugee centre and the supermarket on a daily basis.

So back to the Refugee Center to get it put into action... Well, that's when I was met by the bureaucracy of the system.

There was nobody in Kalundborg who could help, or they had just moved to Holbæk, or Køge or somewhere else, and they were the only one who could do anything to help with this.

Several days and weeks later, after many calls to several centres of the refugee organization, and, all attempts to organise the organisation to put me in touch with this person results in "They never worked here, or never heard of them", and, nobody can help you with this!

I mean, really, nobody can help me organise free food for marginalised and deeply traumatised human beings!

Where do I live?

All it would have taken to help feed 40+ families were two trailers and for them to be rotated between the supermarket and the centre.

It just leaves me feeling a little helpless and despondent that we as humans seem incapable of taking care of ourselves in such simple ways.

We still have so much to understand. And all that food is still being dumped and many still go hungry due to low income and poverty!

The video is from 6 years ago. The petition it mentions does not appear to have had much impact. There are still over 1 billion humans going to sleep hungry.

This is something that we can fix, in our lifetime. Let's find simple actionable ways to do this together.

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