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A new year, a new website, a new understanding

A new year, a new website, a new understanding

The past two years have been quite a journey for me, to say the least.

Certainly moving to Denmark has to be one of the very best things that has happened in my life.

So many steps and breaths over these two short, long years, so much personal healing as well. Huge reflections that I have had to accept, embrace and breathe into.

So many wonderful souls who have passed across the breathing mat where and whenever that was. So much healing, so much transformation, so much calm, peace and light.

I recently celebrated my 65th continuation on this beautiful, wonderful spaceship earth. It was a huge eye and heart opener to feel the genuine, open hearted love and care that was in the room at the after breath party on the day. What was difficult was for me to open to accept and honor this gift that was being given to me. Blown away hardly comes close to describing how I felt. Truly, truly a huge step for me and a huge acknowledgement of what and how I do this work.

Thank you.
thank you for all your continued support
for all your help
for all your guidance
for all your reflections
for your touch
for your eyes
for your words
for your love
I am humbled by this abundance
of belonging and accpetance.


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