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Stuck in negative thoughts or beliefs, here's an exercise to help.

How to shift negative thoughts and beliefs Do you struggle to get out of negative thoughts about yourself or your situation? Perhaps you are tired of hearing the same old beliefs about yourself? Well here is a breath-based technique that will help you to shift from the shadow into the light of joy. This technique will help you to shift your perceptions and grab a little space between you and your thoughts and beliefs. From that space, you will be able to feel lighter and see more clearly. it’s natural for the mind to focus on negativity, the things that go wrong, as this trait has helped humans survive for so long. It is time for us to re-take control of our mind. So here is the simple breathing exercise to dispel the shadows: Stand upSet your intention to clear negative thoughts and beliefsTake three small connected breaths. Breathe in through...

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"Am I trying to hold onto practices, rules, routines, habits and stuff that no longer nourish me and have outlived their time?"

Find a breathwork facilitator or practice on your own:

If you do not have a history of severe psychiatric illness or seizures, you can begin developing a breathwork practice on your own. Applications like Huma Breath are available to help with breathwork practice. Research has shown that using online breathwork programs, whilst not replacing, can replicate the benefits of in-person programs.

Experiment and figure out the best duration for you:

Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist with his own lab at Stanford University, explains how to control our internal state with science-backed breathwork tools. Check out the video at this link