Thursday Evening Online Group Breathwork with Geoffrey Smith

Online Group Breathwork Session with master breathwork facilitator Geoffrey Smith.

Dive into the vast ocean of your psyche, cracking open all that has been frozen within and allowing yourself to emerge into your greatness.

The #1 most potent force RESIDES within YOU.

Your Breath is all you need to open, awaken, transform, heal and empower yourself.

So, come and join me online each week and breathe together, let's breathe and dive into the co-creative power of togetherness.
Let’s breathe humanity into healing transformation so that we can make our changes easily.

We can assist this process by coming together and helping each other in the journey with your breath.

Please register your place for an Online Group Breathwork With Geoffrey. Full details will then be emailed to you.

This event is online and uses secure fully encrypted zoom communications.

Gift economy

The economic system we live in separates us from each other and makes us adversarial, it creates scarcity and fear. While gift economy creates mutuality, community and trust.

Through gift economy, we can achieve abundance and peace for all. Through gift economy we all become empowered and caring for each other, we put love back in the centre.

Gift economy means that you check-in with yourself and based on the gratitude you feel, decide how to reciprocate the gift you have received.

If you struggle to find how to gift me, a suggested gift for this workshop is 0 DKK.

Please remember that no gift is too small or too big.

Please send your financial gifts to:
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Thank you, no gift is too small, or too large

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06-08-2020 7:00 pm 06-08-2020 9:00 pm Gift Economy
13-08-2020 7:00 pm 13-08-2020 9:00 pm Gift Economy
20-08-2020 7:00 pm 20-08-2020 9:00 pm Gift Economy
27-08-2020 7:00 pm 27-08-2020 9:00 pm Gift Economy
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22-10-2020 7:00 pm 22-10-2020 9:00 pm Gift Economy
29-10-2020 7:00 pm 29-10-2020 9:00 pm Gift Economy