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Introduction to Breathwork & AFGO - Vejle

Introduction to Breathwork & AFGO - Vejle

AFGO is a journey of shedding skins, layers, and traumas.

A journey of getting closer and closer to your truth and heart, to who you indeed are. A journey of releasing old patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours, thoughts and beliefs and what is holding you back from deeply living your freedom, love and peace; to remember who you are.

Each weekend is a deep container where everything becomes a growth opportunity. After these nine months, it becomes part of you: you have the tools to grow from every situation that arises in your life, you learn to reach out for support, and you can guide others through their journey.

Each weekend has a different theme, intention and teachings attached to it. Ultimately, the group's energy and needs lead the direction.

Authentic relating is a big part of this journey and the healing within yourself and the group.

What is unique about AFGO is its wholeness. It is not focused on one topic or one area of healing. It is a journey with no goal, with no destination. You are not there to become this or that. No. You are there to find your unique path to your healing. To unpack your magic, colours, and gifts – to remember who you really are and where you have come from.

Geoffrey & Helgi will guide you towards your truth. You walk your path, held and supported with love and compassion.

AFGO is genuinely a school of life. It will transform everything, and it will transform your life. It will change you.

If you are ready to go deep, then AFGO is for you.


? Discover the profound healing power of your breath.

You will be guided by Geoffrey Smith, one of the most experienced breathworkers with more than 20 years of experience.

Breathwork has been used as a healing and transformative tool for millennia. Wherever we find a shamanic or spiritual culture, we will find some form of breathwork to help people transform and heal themselves. During a typical breathwork session, as the breath is allowed to work more intensely on the body, unhealed traumas will be brought to a level of consciousness where healing can begin. Sometimes this can be cathartic. Many times the trauma is directly acknowledged and released. Breathwork works directly through the body, and the mind doesn't need to be involved in the healing process. Without the mind in the way, the healing and releasing process goes much deeper and faster.


? "Life-changing, the best thing I've ever done" Helena Stilling
? "A breakthrough experience, a year of transformation, a turning point. A life-changing journey" Pia
? "A journey into unknown corners of my soul I had never dreamed of" Kaj Kammer



Master breathwork facilitator, energetic space clearer, momentarian and peaceful visionary. Geoffrey has worked with thousands of clients across Europe.

He brings to his practice more than 30 years combined experience in Tai Chi, direct teachings from Shamans from the time he lived in Papa New Guinea, 45 years of practice of meditation following the teachings of Master Thich Nhat Hanh. He is also trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique, Laughter Yoga, Shiatsu and Space Clearing. Geoffrey’s unique style is both gentle and sharp.

Following his profound intuition, he respects the rhythm you are on and very lovingly guides you to your awakening.

You will find your unique path to healing, self-love and empowerment with Geoffrey.


✨ Programme
Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  •  Introduction Questions and answers, setting your intention
  • Group breathwork
  • Sharing circle
  • Tidy up and farewells

✨ What to bring?

  • a water bottle

  • pen and paper (optional)

  • if you have a favourite yoga mat, warm blanket or pillow, you can bring that?

✨ Book your spot

We work with gift economy for this event so you can give what you feel honours yourself and the work.

Book your place with Mette at +45 51 84 71 21

Event Information

Event Date 14-04-2023 6:00 pm
Event End Date 14-04-2023 8:30 pm
Individual Price Gift Economy
Location Sundhelhed Vejle

Venue Information - Sundhelhed Vejle

To book a place for an event here, please contact Mette at +45 51 84 71 21

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