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JC, Brussels


I find breathwork amazing because the results are immediate. Before a session, I always felt some resistance because of the physical effort I thought I was going to have to make. However, as soon as I got into a rhythm there was no effort at all. The breath carried me along.

I found having a purpose to be helpful in two ways. One to carry me through the breathing and two to help bring understanding to my patterns and blockages.

The relaxation after the breathing is wonderful. Sometimes during this stage, I felt my body releasing emotions and physical blockages and other times it was a moment of blissful relaxation. I always felt more space in my body after a session. I was no longer blocked by my situation. I had room to manoeuvre internally and to do things differently.

Having Geoffrey as a facilitator made it all the easier. After the purpose was set, Geoffrey helped me to get into the rhythm by breathing with me. I felt very well accompanied during the breathing as Geoffrey gently guided me to release the tension in my body either with words or by applying gentle pressure to the place where the tension had built up. Geoffrey played the most wonderful music afterwards which was really uplifting.

I would recommend breathwork with Geoffrey to anyone. It works.


JC, Brussels, Belgium