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Eclectic Breathwork Facilitator Education

Eclectic BreathWork Facilitator Education

What is Eclectic BreathWork?

Eclectic breathwork Is a style of rebirthing breathwork that draws from many different sources and life experiences. It is this wide range of sources that gives Eclectic BreathWork its inclusive feeling. Eclectic BreathWork is for everybody and strives to accommodate all people from all walks of life. It is a style that is led by intention, from the heart. It is a style that deeply honours, acknowledges and respects each participant’s life journey and strives to help you remember who you truly are and where you have come from.

Eclectic BreathWork Education I (EBT1)

This is the first part of a training programme that would lead to being a fully trained professional Eclectic BreathWork Facilitator. Part two is a 9-month programme of supervision and on-going professional development.

 After the EBT1 training you will:

  • Be able to facilitate an eclectic breathwork session
  • Understand the nature of bodily held traumas
  • Understand the nature of silence
  • Attend to a client in a professional and mindful way
  • Know yourself at a very deep level
  • Understand the nature of energy as it applies to eclectic breath therapy
  • Understand the true nature of support

The 9-month training comprises several modules, some of which may be optional depending upon the previous experience and background of the candidate.

Topics studied include:

  • Intuitive body development through contemplation
  • Inner Child Work
  • The structure and nature of bodily energy systems
  • Relationships and Intimacy both inner and outer
  • Mindfulness - this is the river that runs through this training
  • The integral nature of inner silence for the therapist
  • Breathing fundamentals

The training takes place over a 9-month period and candidates are expected to attend the 2-day monthly Hellerup meetings in person.

There will be additional weekends that candidates have to attend as well. These additional dates include compulsory modules that the candidate has to complete prior to the end of the 9-month period. Some of these dates may not be negotiable.

Candidates will have to undergo an interview and will be expected to undertake at least 20 individual breathwork sessions,  10 with a male breathwork facilitator and 10 with a female breathwork facilitator, and, at least 30 group breathwork sessions over the duration of this training. The choice of Breathwork Facilitator will be up to the individual candidate, and, a list of approved facilitators will be given to candidates. Prior sessions may be taken into account.

No previous breathwork knowledge or experience is necessary to enroll for this training. A basic understanding of English (and a high tolerance for my poor Danish) is a requirement!

Prior self-development work will be taken into account.

Who is this for?

This is for;

  • Anyone who wants to become an Eclectic Breathwork facilitator.
  • Existing therapists who want to incorporate Eclectic Breathwork into their practice.
  • Anyone who truly wants to live a full, rich, mindful, conscious life. To live aware of, and, be willing to work with, the limiting beliefs, feelings and traumas they hold within and want to be free from.
  • Anyone who wants to have a nine month concentrated personal development program.

EBT1 Programme Overview

The programme is designed to incorporate and respect the planetary energy flow throughout the year and this can be roughly divided into three parts, they are;

  1. November – January: Your Stuff!

    The first three months will be primarily focused on a deep journey to understanding what your stuff is. The reason we are who we are is largely due to our stuff! We are largely unconscious about our stuff. Our stuff is the root of our suffering. The majority of our stuff is held in our body. Consciously working with our stuff brings about transformation, remembering and liberation.

    Understanding how stuff is held in the body, the source and nature of that stuff is the true foundation for an Eclectic BreathWorker, or anybody else who is choosing to live life more fully, mindfully and consciously.

    Stuff is what we work with in breath therapy.I 

  2. February – April: Energy, Space, Presence, and Integrity

    This cycle of the training introduces the student to understanding these terms in very practical ways. Holding space for a client is the foundation of assisting a client in entering into the process of transformation and remembering. To be able to hold space, the practitioner has to understand the energetic nature of the breath and the body, this involves Presence and Integrity from the practitioner.

  3. May – August (July is a holiday!): Ripening, fruition and harvest celebration

    The final three months is where the practitioner commences to assimilate the work of the past 6-months and embarks on practically demonstrating a mastery of Eclectic Breath Therapy. This process is one of maturation and bringing the theoretical understandings into practical use in the practitioner/client situation. Finally, we arrive at the harvest celebration of the seed that was planted back in November and has been nurtured throughout the 9-month growing period and there is graduation.

EBT1 Calendar

These are the times and dates for the EBT1 training. Ending times can vary due to the nature of the content and programme activities. The ending times shown below are for the latest finishing times.

The training starts in November each year and runs until August with a one month break in July.


The cost will vary from year to  year so please check with me for the current pricing

About the Trainers and the Endorser

Geoffrey Smith

Geoffrey Smith

Geoffrey has been a breathwork facilitator for over 15 years. Originally trained in Denmark with Lars Mygind, he has worked mainly in Europe and is now resident in Denmark.

Geoffrey has traveled extensively to many remote and interesting places on this beautiful planet. During the course of these travels, he has studied shiatsu, laughter yoga, emotional freedom technique, meditation and several shamanistic traditions. It his experiences from his life journeys that he brings to Eclectic BreathWork.

He is well known for his ability to hold a safe, loving and transformational space within which clients are able to remember who they truly are.

Pernille Søgaard


Pernille has been a breathwork facilitator for 8 years. She has a lot of experience in holding group sessions. She is also a physiotherapist and is fascinated by the mind-body connection and how the use of the breath can change your whole life. 

She is known for her patience and ability to see the positive aspects in every situation.




Lars Mygind


Lars er en skarp og underholdende formidler af METAsundhed, tankefeltterapi, EFT og Transbiologisk terapi gennem foredrag og undervisning, for mennesker med vidt forskellig baggrund.

Han ser sig selv som ekspert i det transpersonelle og urbiologiske felt, kombineret med en stærk åndelig kontakt, som ofte skinner igennem i hans arbejde med mennesker.

Han er medforfatter til bøgerne ”Tankefeltterapi & EFT”, ”Din intelligente krop” og “Tankefeltterapi – løsninger lige ved hånden” samt vært på flere DVD’ere fra Frog & Toad Publishing om tankefeltterapi og METAsundhed.

Lars elsker at udfordre og arbejde med sig selv, og han brænder for at forandre verden og tror at det bedst sker indefra og ud.

Han tror på at når vi lærer at elske os selv, vil vi passe bedre på vores jord. Lars nyder gode nyheder, effektive healingsteknikker, at se andre få kæmpe AHA oplevelser, og selv at være på en indre rejse. I fritiden holder han at at sejle og personlig udvikling.

Hvorfor er jeg terapeut og underviser?

Efter ti år som skuespiller og derefter ti år i erhvervslivet, til slut som direktør, endte det med at jeg blev fyret.

Jeg havde sideløbende uddannet mig som åndedrætsterapeut, men jeg kunne ikke kombinere kærligheden og IT-verdenen i 1999.

Det endte med at jeg blev selvstændig og brugte de følgende år og alle mine sparepenge på at uddanne mig indenfor det alternative område.

Alt hvad jeg har lavet siden min fødsel er meningsfyldt og bliver brugt i min undervisning og min terapi.

Jeg bilder mig ind at vi alle kan noget helt unikt.

If you are interested in participating

If you are interested then please contact Geoffrey by email, sending your name, phone number and the reason why you want to participate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Geoffrey or Pernille will then contact you to arrange for a participant interview and we can proceed from there.