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AFGO - A Breathwork Intensive ❤✨


Breathwork Intensive Journey to break free of old limiting ways


A deep journey to understanding what your wounds are and to recognize how these wounds are activated. You will be given powerful techniques to transform them into gifts. You will break free from old, negative and limiting patterns of thought and behaviour.


You will reconnect with your inner child, your female and your male energies. By doing so you will be able to heal your relationships with others and find wholeness within yourself and in the world.


You will learn to feel your body, to listen to its own language. It will give you deep grounding. It will develop the power of your intuition.


All of this combined will take you on a deep, raw and intense journey.
Going through this journey as a group will reveal its immense power. You will witness and be witnessed. You will hear and be heard. You will heal together.


At the end of these 9 months, you will be able to share your gifts, you will be ready to bring healing into this world through the breath. 

Breathwork - Intensive 9-month journeyEclectic Breathwork

Breathwork therapy brings you to an extended state of consciousness. It is an incredibly fast and yet gentle therapy. Through breathwork, your body releases the old limiting energies of the past, the old stories that keep us stuck in old limiting negative patterns, judgements and beliefs.

Eclectic breathwork Is a style of rebirthing breathwork that strives to accommodate all people from all walks of life. It is a style that is led by intention, from the heart. It is a style that deeply honours, acknowledges and respects each participant’s life journey and strives to help you remember who you truly are and where you have really come from.

 What Previous Participants have to say 

It was a beautiful journey to the depths of my being, through scary edges and fears, heart, laughter, joy, authenticity, understanding and loving myself more and more. I feel truly blessed and grateful for such wonderful support and guidance, thank you so much Geoffrey"


I had no idea that life could be so easy. That I would ever feel so free, so safe and so powerful. That I would ever be able to embrace whatever happens, and that I would allow my pains to bring me the gifts they carry. My life is forever changed. I am forever changed. Thank you Geoffrey and thank you to my beautiful breath family who I shared this magic journey with."


It has been an amazing journey. I have deepened my understanding of myself and improved my relationship to others, I really didn't expect to. I have been self-developing for years!! But this was different, more enriching, more intense and raw. thank you."


 Programme Overview

The programme is designed to incorporate and respect the planetary energy flow throughout the year and this can be roughly divided into three parts, they are;

  1. November – January: Your Stuff!
    The first three months will be primarily focused on a deep journey to understanding what your stuff is. The reason we are who we are is largely due to our stuff! We are largely unconscious about our stuff. Our stuff is the root of our suffering. The majority of our stuff is held in our body. Consciously working with our stuff brings about transformation, remembering and liberation.
    Understanding how stuff is held in the body, the source and nature of that stuff is the true foundation for an Eclectic BreathWorker or anybody else who is choosing to live life more fully, mindfully and consciously.
    Stuff is what we work with in breathwork therapy!

  2. February – April: Energy, Space, Presence, and Integrity
    This cycle of training introduces the student to understand these terms in very practical ways. Holding space for a client is the foundation of assisting a client in entering into the process of transformation and remembering. To be able to hold space, the practitioner has to understand the energetic nature of the breath and the body, this involves Presence and Integrity from the practitioner.

  3. May-August (July is a holiday!): Ripening, fruition and harvest celebration
    The final three months is where the practitioner commences to assimilate and integrate the work of the past 6-months and embarks on practically demonstrating mastery of Eclectic Breath Therapy. This process is one of maturation and bringing the theoretical understandings into practical use in the practitioner/client situation.
    Finally, we arrive at the harvest celebration of the seed that was planted back in November and has been nurtured throughout the 9-month growing period and there is graduation.


All weekends are residential and will take place somewhere on the Danish Island of Sjælland (The same island that Copenhagen is situated on). Location details will be announced when they have been finalised.

Weekends (2020-2021)

  1. Nov 6-8: Working with your stuff, understanding and letting go of your old patterns
  2. Dec 18-20: Listening to your body, chakras work & unfolding, developing, understanding and deepening into your intuition
  3. Jan 15-17: Re-connecting with your inner-child & Emotional Freedom Technique
  4. Feb 5-7: Your female energy & Family Constellations Technique
  5. Mar 19-21: Your male energy, polarity, boundaries & The Wheel of Consent
  6. Apr 16-18: Back to the roots, bringing your inner child. Heart healing, forgiveness and gratitude and integration
  7. May 7-9: The elements of ceremony, Energy Space Clearing Technique, presence & holding space. 
  8. June 18-20: Facilitating individual breathwork sessions
  9. Aug 6-8: Celebration: bringing the harvest home


GeoffreyMaster breathwork facilitator, energetic space clearer, momentarian and peaceful visionary.

Geoffrey has worked with thousands of clients across Europe.

He brings to his practice more than 30 years combined experience in Tai Chi, direct teachings from Shamans from the time he lived in Papa New Guinea, 45 years of practice of meditation following the teachings of Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

He is also trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique, Laughter Yoga, Shiatsu and Space Clearing.

Geoffrey’s unique style is both gentle and sharp. Following his profound intuition, he respects the rhythm you are on and very lovingly guides you to your own awakening.

With Geoffrey, you will find your unique path to healing, self-love and empowerment. 

Included in this journey is:

  • 9 transformative weekends from Friday 6 pm to Sunday at 5 pm.
  • Accommodation and food included. We co-create meals together
  • Certificate of Breathwork Therapist for individual sessions
  • Weekly online check-ins with the group, not compulsory
  • Support from Geoffrey at all times
  • The exclusive Eclectic Breathwork Facilitator Manual
  • Playlists for breathwork sessions
  • Access to an online library to deepen the teachings
  • Private and secure online chat group
  • Private and secure online discussion group where you can draw on the collective wisdom and experience of all my graduates

Energy exchange

Energy Exchange - Love is infiniteSuper-early-bird until 15 August: 21% discount (26,000kr)

Early-bird until 1 October: 15% discount (28,000kr) After 1 October: 33,000 kr

5,000kr non-refundable deposit paid at registration.

Monthly payment plans are available.

If you are financially challenged, contact me so we can find a solution.

Limited space: 12 participants maximum.

To claim your spot send me a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to register online Click here to register or read more about AFGO


What Next?

You can always contact me if you need to know more information or have questions about AFGO.

You can contact me:

  • for an online chat here:
  • via text/voice call here: +45 53 63 98 88
  • by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • or use my secure online contact form here: My Secure Contact Form


*AFGO = Another F*cking Growth Opportunity ❤????????????