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A day with Breathwork

A Day With The Breath

"A Day With The Breath" is a workshop that will introduce you to the quite astonishing power that we carry literally right under our nose in our breath. 

Somatic breath techniques are extremely helpful in supporting individuals to relax, become mindful and establish a healthy relationship between your mind and your body by becoming more aware, and ultimately more masterful over your breathing.

The right somatic breath technique used at the right time may not only change the nature of your immediate perception and understanding but may also initiate a long-lasting change in your self-esteem, lifestyle, outlook and ability to emotionally and mentally regulate your life.

The immediate and long-term results of using these techniques can be:

  • better conscious focal attention,
  • an increase of energy,
  • feeling less stressed or anxious,
  • feeling a freedom of expression,
  • feeling more self-confident,
  • feeling peaceful and calm

All of these experiences can be accessed through the conscious use of the breath and can give you the confidence and real possibility to think and live in ways you may have never thought possible. This workshop will introduce you to and teach you these techniques.

During the workshop; 

  • we will explore the nature and power of the breath to change our states of being.
  • we will explore and deepen our awareness of how the body breathes.
  • learn different ways of breathing that will bring about state changes in our feelings and sense of well-being.
  • be introduced to some of the surprising connections the breath has with physiological and neurological processes

It is a very gentle workshop which has the added 100% pesticide free, organic wholesomeness of breathwork.

You will discover how your body breathes and how your breathing can determine your state of being. You will leave with breathing techniques that will allow you to shift your mood from the shadows to the light, move from stress to calm and from chaos to peace.

After this workshop you will have:

  • A much deeper understanding of how you breathe normally
  • Experience what it is like to take a full open breath
  • Have tools and techniques that will allow you to bring about shifts in your emotional feelings and physiological state
  • Know how to use the breath to bring greater peace and calm into your life
  • Use the breath to reduce stress
  • An illustrated workshop book that contains all the exercises and tools taught during the day.

If you are interested in hosting this workshop or have any questions about it please contact me via my contact page here: