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7 Ways With The Chakras

7 Ways With The Chakras

We by and large live from our rational, egoic minds.  Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing, we are ignoring a whole area of understanding and clarity of vision that comes when we work with our intuitive body and nature.
This intuitive nature rests in our body and heart, uses feelings not words and is surprisingly accurate and clear in the understandings it delivers when we know how to work with it.
Our intuitive understandings are different and usually non-rational but are highly effective in guiding us in a manner that can be very efficient and deeply illuminating if we are willing to listen and act on them.

The 7 Ways Workshop

This workshop teaches a technique that will allow you to re-discover your intuitive knowing, your intuitive brain as it were. This is principally done through a highly practical contemplation technique.
The purpose of the chakra contemplation technique is to create an internal shift that allows new perceptions, understandings, behaviours and results through a deeper understanding and connection to our intuitive nature.
With the added goodness of BREATHWORK to facilitate new perceptions, understandings, behaviors and results.
This one day workshop will give you the tools, practice and insights to be able to use a very powerful method that will unravel the most difficult situations and questions. In doing this you will gain clarity of purpose, ease, vision and wisdom.
Are you;
  • Looking for Clarity in your life?
  • Want to feel greater ease in all you do?
  • Struggling to see where you are going in life?
  • Wanting positive change in your life?

    This is YOUR workshop!