I work hard

and play hard too

I have over 20 years of client-focused experience in the area of somatic breath therapy and coaching. I strive to achieve the following: to empower and enable my clients to have the life they dream of in a safe and caring environment.

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I work with you to understand your needs, longings and aspirations.

I  then identify the best way or ways for these to be met and enable you to achieve this effectively and as quick as possible.

I train you to be prepared to achieve the goals, bringing satisfaction for you and eliminating stress.

My aim is to develop your skills, empower you to feel more confident and enable you to maintain changes.



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24 January 2019
Do you know that I am offering regular online breathwork sessions?Well, I am!...
01 January 2019
The year's end   gateless gate   pass through   fire & light ...
28 December 2018
I think we are all surprised that once we slow down a little, how easy it is to connect to ourselves...
10 December 2018

I liked this so much I made a short video of it!

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